Supplier of Ravlek CPE Impact Modifier

Ravlek CPEWe supply a range of CPE materials under the RAVLEK name for various application areas such as;

  • PVC Compounds
  • PVC sheet (foam and solid)
  • PVC pipes
  • PVC windows (with blend of acrylic)
  • PVC Building products
  • Rubber compounds
  • Roofing

(TDS = Technical Data Sheet, MSDS = Material Safety Data Sheet)

Ravlek 100

General purpose CPE, direct countertype of Tyrin 6000

Ravlek 146

General purpose CPE used in majority of rigid PVC formations. Our main selling grade. Good alternative to Tyrin 6000.

Ravlek 300

Slightly harder grade of CPE to avoid agglomeration issues. Good countertype to Tyrin 7000. Available in 25kg bags or bulk bags.

Ravlek 156

Grade developed for silo bulk storage. This grade has a higher level of Calcium Carbonate to avoid agglomeration in bulk silo storage.


25kg bags, bulk bags or tanker (only 156 grade)


MAnlon MBS Modifier, Ravlek CPE, Acrylon Acrylic Impact Modifier, Proaid PVC Process Aid
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